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Have you ever seen a pig climb up a tree? Juggle apples? Perform a somersault? Then you haven't
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14 June 2009

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Cartoon films are loved by all and sundry with their vibrant graphics and colorful characters performing all kinds of tasks with dexterity. A major example of endearing cartoon characters doing all tasks that humans do are the Tom and Jerry who fight it out endlessly to outdo each other. Similarly, the lovable Scooby Doo, who is accompanied by his friends solving mysteries in towns and cities, also performs all tasks that are innately human in nature. Walt Disney also successfully created the Mickey Mouse cartoon character that hit a humongous fan following all over the world and has inspired many similar premised cartoon shows. Piggly 1.11 is a computer based game with a lady pig as a cartoon protagonist whose aim is to fetch apples for her children at home.

Piggly opens with a neatly arranged and colorful looking interface with the chief options placed intuitively that enable easy navigation through and simple tabs to proceed with the game. The lady pig is a bright pink hue in color and requires collecting as many apples as she can in the forest for her children to prepare delicious dessert for the night. This lady pig can climb up the trees for fetching apples, juggle them all over and even perform some interesting somersaults to evade the dangers as the local inhabitants are certainly not in a mood to share the fruits of the forest. The apple pie would not be made without the lady pig defending herself against odds coming her way and the player must help her to overcome the obstacles and proceed the apples towards her home.

To sum up, Piggly 1.11 definitely would prove to be an entertaining choice for children who love cartoons and hence scores a rating score of 3.5 points for its impressive performance and cute looking set up.

Publisher's description

Have you ever seen a pig climb up a tree? Juggle apples? Perform a somersault? Then you haven't met Mrs. Piggly yet.
She's a pig on a mission, and her mission is to bake delicious homemade apple pies for her piglets. So she's gone out to the forest to gather some apples. But those apples aren't coming in without a fight!
Countless environmental dangers await in her path (not to mention the forest's many hungry inhabitants), ready to snatch her apples from right under her nose!
Only with your help can Mrs. Piggly overcome rain, sleet and snow and coax those apples safely into her home. Tonight's dessert rests in your hands!
Version 1.11
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